PoundSound aims is to provide high quality, royalty-free audio for under £2. Yes, you read that right! Why? Most royalty-free sites offer a multitude of different license agreements for a single file. These websites can charge you £14 to £200 + for a single item (depending on your intended use). This can be very off-putting for projects on a tight budget. PoundSound is here to change that and make royalty-free audio accessible for everyone.

Standard License (music)

SFX License (sound effects)

Sell your end product (up to 5,000 copies) TV & Radio (program or advertising)
Use on YouTube (includes monetized videos) and Vimeo DVD or CD Mass Duplication
Use in Non-Commercial films and theatre Use in Commercial films and theatre
Use on iOS/Android smartphone applications and games

Use on iOS/Android smartphone applications and games

Corporate / online web videos Corporate / website videos
Company and personal websites Company and personal websites

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