PC Troubleshooting

So many Win 10 users might have recently encounter the KB4054517 error which prevents Windows from installing it's 2017 Cumulative Update. Downloading and installing the update through "Update & Security" often results in the update being stuck at 99% on installation or  just fail to install.

When restarting your system you may be greeted with the "Preparing to configure Windows. Do not turn off computer." blue screen, which seemingly takes forever. You sit and wait it out, thirty minuets go by, then an hour, then three hours and suddenly you discover it's actually doing nothing. A perpetual loop. 

You press the restart button and try boot Windows into safe mode to only find that you get greeted with the same blue screen message. No matter what you try, you just can't get to the log-in screen. 

So, how do you fix it? Well, there's two ways you can do it. One being easy (if you're smart enough to have restore points), the other being a complete headache which requires a fresh install of the OS. So, lets go with the latter..


  • Hold shift on your Keyboard and press Restart button.
  • Boot into the Advanced Startup screen.
  • Click on "Troubleshoot" tab.

Win 10 Advanced Start Up

  • Click on "Reset this PC"
    • You'll be prompted with a couple choices. Be sure you read carefully you ONLY want to format your drive with the Operating System installed, not the whole system. 
    • Choose "Keep my files" to save any files on your OS drive you may want to keep (programs will be uninstalled) or "Remove Everything" for a clean install of your OS.
  • Once Windows has reinstalled and you've followed the usual prompt screens. Open up Internet Explorer and head to Windows Update Catalogue.
  • Enter KB4054517 into the search bar and click search.
  • From the list choose your update and download it.
        • Run the Installer and wait for it to finish.
        • Restart your system then right click the Windows icon and go "settings"
        •  Click "Update & Security" then click "Check for updates" 
        • Install any remaining updates.


        If you're sensible (unlike me) and have a restore point saved or system image backup, restore your system to an earlier version, prior to the update, and manually update as shown previously.

        • Restart your PC and boot into the Advanced Startup screen.
        • Instead of selecting > Troubleshooting  > then Reset this PC, choose "Advanced Options". 
        • Use "System Restore" or "Image Recovery" to reinstall a previous version of your system (which you have created or have backed up prior to the update).
        • Download the update and install manually.
        Win 10 System Restore & Image Recovery
            Hopefully after reading this guide you'll have successfully installed the update with no issues. If you still find you have trouble, after performing a system restore or image recovery, consider biting the bullet and doing a fresh install of Win 10 on your OS drive...
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              • Marcus Dellicompagni