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Audio Editing
So you've made a film. Maybe a TV program, a short, or a feature length film. Maybe a cut scene for a game or something for a webisode. You've planned, shot, and edited your way to perfection. Well, almost, because now all it needs is to be mixed. That can't be too hard, can it? Lingo Communication is paramount when collaborating with someone, which means you knowing the same key words as your dubbing mixer. Here's a few for you:...
  • Nov 18
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  • Barry Ryerson
Audio Editing
As the saying goes "A poor workman always blames his tools". When it comes to editing and mixing your sessions, understand how to use your audio tools is very important, but what's even more important is knowing when to use them. In this YouTube video series, I'll be covering all the good stuff teaching you useful tips on; setting up sessions, editing audio, prepping a mix, learn about Gating, EQ, Compression, Limiting and more. All you'll need is a DAW,...
Audio Editing
When it comes to decoding your M/S recording using a Zoom H6 you only really have two options. Either setting the H6 handle it or decode your recording later in Post. The preferred method would be the latter, this is because you have more control over the amount of Mid & Side your recording will have allowing you to dial in the perfect amount. Decoding your M/S recordings manually can be a bit of a faff and requires three steps....