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Sample Library
Sometimes composers need an easy way to get ideas down or churn out scores quickly if they're strapped for time. Sketching or "quick scoring" libraries offer a great solution, empowering composers with unique, stripped-down versions of flagship products. But don't let that fool you, often these libraries are recorded from scratch as developers like to offer useful instruments and textures suited for a specific style of music. They're often not as system intensive, don't use as many samples per patch (compared to...
  • Oct 12
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  • Marcus Dellicompagni
Sample Library
Kontakt is a powerful sample engine created by Native Instruments which many companies create high-end sample libraries for. Most of us tend to skip reading the manual and easily overlook some Kontakt's most powerful features. These features can drastically speed up your workflow and reduce RAM usage when working with sample content.  In this series of YouTube videos, I'll be sharing some useful tips and tricks on getting the most out of Kontakt.  From Importing Libraries and Creating Custom Graphics to...