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The first major update to Orchestral Complete is just around the corner, and it's a big one! So, what can you expect? Well, in 1.0 the percussion has been totally reworked with brand new 3D icons! These will replace all the original icons and expand the library by adding a bunch of new traditional & exotic percussion instruments.

"Ensemble" icons will no longer be a ghosted variation of its "Solo" counterpart, I've painstakingly created different variations icons for each instrument. For example; Taiko drums will now have 4 different icons which are made up of 3 solo Taikos (small, medium & large) and 1 Ensemble icon which contains all the solo instruments in a nicely rendered scene. 

Some of the new icons you can expect to find include the TamTam, BooBams, Hi Taiko, Low Taiko, Large Taiko, Surdu, Bombo, Buckets, Tenor Snare, Field Snare, Pianos, Piatti, Gong Drum and more! 


  • Mar 10
  • |
  • Marcus Dellicompagni