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AMD Ryzen 1800x Music Production

So all my parts finally arrived yesterday for my budget build. I put the system together easily enough, however, nothings ever easy...

  • CPU: Ryzen 1800x
  • Motherboard: MSI Tomahawk B350
  • RAM: G Skill Flare X 32Gb (2x16) 2400Mhz CL15 DDR4
  • AIO Cooler: Corsair H60

My first impression is this could be a potentially sweet system. Unfortunately I've been plagued with numerous hardware issues preventing me from properly testing it out. My first issue was having a PSU failure (of all days for something to go wrong) which required me to run out and get another PSU.

After Ryzens first cold boot, which took ages btw, I entered the bios to discover only half of the RAM was being recognised, despite the two DIMMS registering. Which is something quite common with Ryzen apparently. For the most part, this issues normally relates to RAM that's not compatible with the motherboard but I made sure my kit was QVL approved. Another reason which could cause this, is an out-dated-bios. After flashing the bios, I logged into Windows opened the task manager to find that 32Gb can be seen but only 16Gb was useable. The next step was to boot back into the bios and manually input the clock speed, timing and voltage. I spent a while playing around with the timings and voltages with no success.

My next point-of-call was to remove the RAM and test each stick in each slot. I soon discovered that one of them wouldn't let me boot, suggesting a faulty stick. Tomorrow I have a replacement kit coming, so hopefully that'll be the end of that (and all the blue screens) Despite this, I have decided to test further and found that the DIM that does work, still fails a Mem Test. My biggest frustration would be potentially having to replace the motherboard, so I do hope that these issues are not both RAM and MOBO related...

However, I have had the system running "OK" even with only 1 DIM installed. I've been doing some tests using DAW Bench across different buffer settings comparing it to my old rig. So far, it's handled things way better than I thought. I'll post some results in the new year. I'll continue to post updates on the on-going progress, some of you may find it useful. But from what I have managed to get working, it seems to be a great little CPU, a big leap in performance!

AMD Ryzen 1800x, MSI Tomahawk B350 Motherboard


  • Dec 30
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  • Marcus Dellicompagni