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Nvida GTX 1070

Will a Ryzen 1800x be good for audio production? Well, I'll find out soon enough! I'm doing a Ryzen build over the coming weeks and performing some tests to see how it copes compared to my old rig. During the build I'll be posting blog updates to check the progress and see any issues are encountered.

My current rig was originally built for audio mixing and songwriting but since starting PoundSound I've found myself doing A LOT more video editing, 3D rendering, design work and larger scale compositions. 

Over the Christmas holidays there have been some great deals, going into it I was hoping snap up i7 6800k or 8700k + MOBO + 32gb RAM for under £900. Unfortunately, the systems I priced up were a little bit out of my budget and with x99 Mother Boards being so expensive, there wasn't much of a price difference between a 6800k or 8700k build.

After sleeping on it I decided that my best option would be to consider going down the Ryzen rout. For music production Ryzen will be better than what I'm currently using, but it won't be anywhere near as good as the 6800k or 8700k for audio. However, when it comes to doing all the other stuff, I think I'm going to be in for a real treat!

All-in-all I paid just over £650 for a Ryzen 1800x + Mobo + 2x16gb (32gb) DDR4 and an AIO Cooler. I'll recycle my other components such as GPU, SSDs etc... from the old build. Next week the parts will arrive so I'll be doing some performance tests using Cubase Pro 9.5 and see how much better the 1800x is vs my old i7 4770. In the meantime, be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep your eyes peeled for the new video!


  • Dec 28
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  • Marcus Dellicompagni