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Izotope - Mix & Master Sale ūüíį

by Marcus Dellicompagni on August 10, 2021

If you've been thinking about purchasing Izotope products NOW is the time. My advice? Go for the biggest bundle you can afford, as it will save you the most money in the long run.

But, before you purchase anything! Izotope mixing & mastering plugins come in three different versions. Elements being the most affordable option and Advanced being the most expensive. So what's the difference between them? 


  • ELEMENTS - Least amount of¬†tools & features, still useful.
  • STANDARD - Good amount of tools¬†& features, very good.
  • ADVANCED -¬†Offers all¬†tools & features, extremely powerful.
  • ¬†


    RRP $499¬†- Sale¬†$199 ūüĎČ purchase¬†here¬†(affiliate link)

    Izotope Mix & Master Bundle - Poundsound

    The Mix & Master Bundle offers three intelligent Izotope plugins which cover all your mixing and mastering needs. Ozone 9 has become an industry standard when it comes to mastering 'in the box' while Neutron 3 has become the go-to modular 'channel strip' for mixing. The best part? These plugins come with AI assistants and with one click will automatically detect and improve your audio. So if you're not too confident in mixing, these plugins will make it super easy to get a better sound.

    Finally, to round off the bundle you'll get Tonal Balance Control 2. A truly invaluable plugin that I use all the time for checking mixes. Having a balanced mix allows the music to sound consistent & full across many different audio systems. When you hear engineers say "the mix translates well" this is what they are referring to.


    • STANDARD¬†- Ozone 9¬†
    • STANDARD¬†- Neutron 3¬†
    • Tonal Balance Control 2


    RRP $699¬†- Sale¬†$349¬†ūüĎȬ†purchase¬†here¬†(affiliate link)Tonal Balance Bundle Izotope - Poundsound

    Like the Mix & Master bundle the Tonal Balance bundle gives you Tonal Balance Control 2,  Ozone 9 and Neutron 3. However, with the Tonal Balance bundle you get the full fat Advanced versions for Ozone 9 and Neutron 3. In addition to this, you also get Nectar 3 Plus, a powerful tool specifically designed for mixing vocals.


    • ADVANCED - Ozone 9¬†
    • ADVANCED - Neutron 3
    • PLUS¬†(advanced) - Nectar 3
    • Tonal Balance Control 2


    RRP $999¬†- Sale¬†$499 ūüĎČ purchase¬†here¬†(afilliate link)Music Production Suite 4 Izotope - PoundSound

    The Music Production Suite 4 is Izotope's ultimate bundle for budding producers and mix engineers. It contains most flagship products that are fully unlocked. The only exception to this is RX 8, which is Izotope's audio cleanup & restoration software.

    In order to get the RX Advanced you would need to either purchase the RX Post Production Suite priced $1,999 or upgrade RX from standard to advanced via loyalty offer which will cost $799. The only other options would be to purchase RX Advacned for $1199 or purchase RX Elements bundle and upgrade it.

    Keep in mind RX is Izotope's most expensive product and unless you're working in the industry and demand the most cutting edge tools for audio cleanup & restoration, you will likely never need the Advanced version.


    • ADVANCED - Ozone 9
    • ADVANCED - Neutron 3
    • STANDARD¬†- RX 8
    • PLUS - Nectar 3
    • Tonal Balance Control 2
    • Vocal Synth 2 ( Powerful Vocal FX plugin )
    • Stutter Edit 2 ( DJs & Sound designers will appreciate chopping and mangling their audio with this tool )
    • NeoVerb (¬†Smart¬†AI Reverb )
    • Insight 2 ( Comprehensive¬†metering tool )
    • Nimbus ( Natural Stereo Reverb )
    • R4 ( Another good¬†Reverb )

    This article contains affiliate links. If you click on a link then and purchase a product, PoundSound will receive a small commission which goes toward funding efforts. All of which is greatly appreciated!