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Marcus D.

There's only one of me working on PoundSound. Please keep this in mind while waiting for a response. Usually you'll hear from me within 2 working days.


Before using the contact form please ensure you have read all the provided product manuals and referred to troubleshooting sections provided to resolve most common issues.

If you're still experience an issue or wish to make an enquiriey about a product or service, please use the contact form below and ensure to provide any relevant information such as;

✅ Operating System

✅ Cubase version

✅ Sampler version

✅ Order Number


Looking to work with me? Please use the business email If you're interested in;

✅ Sponsering a video

✅ Having a plugin reviewed

✅ Having a library reviewed

✅ Helping to write articles for the website

Please do not contact me using the business email if you are;

❌ Trying to sell services such as web hosting, SEO, etc . . .

❌ Enquiring about products or need support

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