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Custom Colour Pallet
Custom Colour Pallet
Custom Colour Pallet
Custom Colour Pallet
Custom Colour Pallet
Custom Colour Pallet
Custom Colour Pallet
Custom Colour Pallet

    Custom Colour Pallet

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    Working on projects can be an annoyance from a workflow point of view, thankfully Cubase offers some tools to help. Track icons are a great way to find specific instruments quickly in the mixer, but when it comes arranging your main project window and organizing each section, nothing works better than using a splash of colour.

    Working with colour allows you to break up each element letting you associate different shades for different things. For example, darker shades of 'gold' could be used to represent low brass instruments such as Tuba and Bass Trombone, whereas lighter shades of gold can be used to represent Trumpets. 

    When using this colour pallet, I would recommend adjusting the track colourization slider to around 70%. This can be found under: File > Preferences > Event Display > Tracks. 

    • 13 core shades with 6 variations
    • Cubase .CPR file
    • Installation Guide

    In order to use this product you are required to own Cubase Artist 9.5 or Cubase Pro 9.5. This product will not work with older version of Cubase. If you are unsure about what version you are using, please check before making a purchase.


    • Cubase Artist or Pro version 9.5
    • Cubase Artist or Pro version 10



    Please watch this excellent installation tutorial kindly created by Darren at Moonhare Studio. Be sure to show check out his YouTube channel and share your support. We all live on this tiny rock called Earth together, why not help each other out?



    If you're still having trouble installing the pallet on Cubase 9.5 or 10 please watch the following video.




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