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East West | Hollywood Solo Instruments (Play) - Cubase Pro Template

    East West | Hollywood Solo Instruments (Play) - Cubase Pro Template


    Just purchased EWHO Solo Instruments GOLD or subscribed to East West's Composer-Cloud? Want to get up and running with EWHW Solo Instruments but don't want to spend days setting up a template? Look no further! The PoundSound EWHO Solo Instruments template for Cubase Pro is designed to get you up and running in a matter of seconds. Simply load a template, enable the instrument tracks and start scoring. It's as simple as that. 


    WHAT YOU GET (Version 1)
      • 1 x Cubase Pro¬†Template for EW Hollywood Solo Strings¬†(Gold Edition)
      • Cubase custom colour pallet
      • Expression Maps
      • Track Archives
      • Track Presets
      • Pre-loaded instrument patches.
      • Pre-named instrument tracks for every patch of the library.
      • Colour coded instrument tracks and instrument folders.
      • Includes Track Presets for modular template building.
      • Pre-routed groups & sub-groups for the library.
      • Pre-applied expression maps for KS patches.
      • Pre-applied safety limiter.
      • Load a template and enable the tracks you wish to use.
      • To install Track Presets press F5 to open the Media Bay.
      • In the "File Browser" click on "User Content" to expand the directory.
      • Right click on the "Track Presets" folder and select "Show In Explorer"
      • This will open the location of C10 track presets folder in a new window.
      • Drag & drop the track presets into the "multi" folder, then restart Cubase 10.

      Once you have loaded the patches, you can then save the template and create your own track archives if you wish. This opens the doors up to modular template building allowing you to import or recall particular setups of any library into any session.

      You can also back-up your track archives, so if you do accidentally delete your .cpr, or your computer dies fiery death - providing you have your track archive, you can quickly recall an entire library setups or sections of it with all your groups, sends and plugins applied.


      ¬†ūüďϬ†Online User Manual



      Although the templates will load in Cubase Artist, please note Artist does not support expression maps.  Artist also has a limited number of tracks and audio outputs that the templates may exceed. The template will not work with Cubase LE or Cubase A.I.

      To run the entire template you'll need a minimum of 64 GB ram and a decent CPU to handle all PLAY instances. For mid / lo-end machines it's recommended to only "enable" the patches you wish to compose with and keep the rest disabled.

      Please note I cannot currently test compatibility for macOS. There have been some cases where patches do not auto load as shown in the videos. However, for the majority of Mac users the template works fine. If you run into any issues please get in touch and I'll be happy to offer a refund if we can't solve the problem.


          Once the purchase has been verified, a download link will be sent directly to your email address. Please ensure you have WinZip or iZip (or some equivalent) to extract the files from the .ZIP container. Any installation instructions and licence agreements are also provided.



          Generally refunds are not offered on digital products. However, there are some circumstances where refunds are applicable for templates and bundles. Please refer to Support & FAQ section for more information.



          PoundSound currently has no affiliation with East West. These templates are not authorized by the company and are strictly for personal use only. This is not a sample library, no products or sample content created by East West are included with the templates.


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