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Cubase Track Icons Orchestral Complete
Cubase Track Icons Orchestral Complete
Cubase Track Icons Orchestral Complete
Cubase Track Icons Orchestral Complete
Cubase Track Icons Orchestral Complete
Cubase Track Icons Orchestral Complete
Cubase Track Icons Orchestral Complete

    Orchestral Complete


    Refine your workflow and give your Cubase mixer a professional make-over with Orchestral Complete. This icon pack contains over 700 high-resolution .png images which cover a range of orchestral instruments, created with 3rd party developers in mind. Inside you'll find icons for Percussion, Strings, Brass and Woodwinds complete with solo & ensemble icons and tagged / none-tagged variations.


     Anvil Bar Chimes Bell Shaker Bongos Boobams
    Cabasa Castanets Celesta Concert Bass Concert Claves
    Concert Toms Congas Cowbell Cymbals Dhol
    Djembe Djuns Doumbek Egg Shakers Finger Cymbals
    Frame Drums Glockenspiel Gong Guiro  Maracas
    Marching Tenor Metal Buckets Rachet Rain Sick Riq Drum
    Snare  Steel Pan Drums Suradus Taikos Tam Tam
    Tambourine Template Blocks Terre Shaker Timpani Triangle
    Tubular Bells Twist Shakers Vibraslap Whistle Wind Machine
    Wood block Wood Shakers Xylophone Pianos


     Alto Horns Bass Trombones Cimbassos Contrabass Flugelhorns
    French Horns Piccolo Trumpets Trombones Trumpets Tubas
    Wagner Tuba


    Cellos Double Basses Violas
    Violins 1st Chair Violins 2nd Chair Harpsichord


     Piccolo Flutes Alto Flutes Flutes Clarinets Bassoons
    Contra Bassoons Oboes English Horns
        • Cubase Artist or Pro version 7
        • Cubase Artist or Pro version 8
        • Cubase Artist or Pro version 9 & 9.5
        • Cubase Artist or Pro version 10

          CUBASE 10 USERS

          Although the icons will work with C10, please be aware Steinberg reduced the amount you can scale the boxes in the mixer. The icons will not look the same as in the pictrues provied above, they will appear much smaller. Images provided above are taken from Cubase 9.5

          Please note these icons have not been tested with other DAWs. However, this does not mean they won't work with them. If your DAW allows you to import custom icons in .png format then these could work. 



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