Orchestral Tools: Inspire (Expression Maps)


Expression maps are a powerful way to control keyswitches for sample libraries. It removes the need to draw in MIDI data on the piano roll by providing you a list of articulations for each patch that can be triggered by drawing in blocks. Expression maps can take a very long time to create and set up correctly. Fortunately for you, all the hard work has been done! All you need to do is load the expression map onto the corresponding patch and you're ready to rock and roll!

Cubase Expression Maps For

Company Product What You Get Library Info
Orchestral Tools Inspire Expression Maps for all keyswitchs Click Here

System Requirements

    In order to use this product you are required to own Cubase Artist or Cubase Pro. This product will not work with older version of Cubase that do not support expression maps. If you are unsure about what version you are using, please check before making a purchase.

    Payment & Delivery

    Once your purchase has been verified, a download link will be sent directly to your email address. Please ensure you have WinZip or iZip (or some equivalent) to extract the files from the .ZIP container. Installation instructions and licence agreements are also provided.


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